Sunday, 26 June 2011


so people, this is what we offer:
buy more than rm 150 in a single buy and you are entitled to 1 box of chocolate pralines worth rm 10 foc. while stock last, and dont worry, the chocolates are all freshly made. not something that already been kept for years.:)

do not hesitate, call us now ppl!

and oh yeah, we are working on something now. so stay tuned for updates.

we would love to hear from u anyway, so if anything plz just drop us an email. if an email is too slow, shoot us a message ok! love you all. taa daa!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

price list

moist carrot cake with walnut
- with cream cheese topping and simple deco rm65
-with buttercream topping and simple deco rm55

fruit cake
-plain rm 50
-with cream cheese topping rm 65

chocolate brownies with chocolate ganache topping
-plain rm 45
-with almond/walnut/pecan rm50

plain vanilla buttercake/sponge cake with buttercream topping with simple deco - rm 35
if almond/chocolate/orange buttercake with simple deco - rm 40
(we use natural ingredients, thus the added price)

plain vanilla buttercake with chocolate ganache topping and simple decoration -rm40

Fondant cakes For Wedding ( Orange Butter Cake, Almond Butter Cake, Fruit Cake, Choc Cake) Price starts from RM 150 Based on design you choose.
2 tier wedding cake: starts from RM 250
3 Tier Wedding Cake: starts from RM 400

moist Chocolate Cake with chocolate ganache topping RM 50

choc mud cake -rm 65

tiramisu -rm 65

black forest cake -rm 65

Chocolate indulgence -rm 65

Novelty Cake: from RM 150 based on design

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese: RM 65

Cheese Cake Baked or chilled: RM 65

All cake: 1.2 +++ kg and of 8 inches. for different size please contact us for details

kek lapis
- prune rm 55
-masam manis rm55
-lapis batik with cheese rm60

trifle pudding -rm 35

lapis caramel pudding-rm40

Cupcakes price

Glazed muffin
2oz cup (RM 1.50/piece)

Cupcakes with choc ganache/
pure butter cream icing and simple deco
2oz cup - rm 2.00 per piece

Fondant Cupcakes with simple deco
2 Oz -RM 3.50 per pieces

Red Velvet with pure butter cream icing
2 oz- RM 2.50 per piece
Red Velvet with Cream Cheese
2 Oz- RM 3.00 per piece

to add figurine on cupcakes, or for a novelty cakes,
do email us to get quotation ya -

chocolate box with 40 pieces praline rm100

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

the sunny garden cake

well, well, well,  its a bright beautiful day today isn't it? the sun is out, the rainbow furnished the sky beautifully. so the best time for the bees and bugs to be out , humming and buzzing happily around the trees. the birds sure are happy lots too today, they look charming flying up in the clear clouds. dont you think then that this cake is enough to put a smile on a beautiful child face when they see them? trust us, coz some 'children' that our mum knows were jumping up and down on seeing this cake. :) and it surely made her day!

Monday, 13 June 2011

the ribbon rose cake

some of you might have noticed our partiality towards the colour of white. yes, we do. we love white to bits. white is the new black for us. especially for wedding, we feel that white is a very beautiful colour. because it matches almost any other colour well, especially the pastel groups. so again, we created another wedding themed fondant cake in white for you. its called 'the ribbon rose cake', simply because of the technique of making the roses. you see, every cakes we designed are decorated using handmade flowers, very seldom we use ready made flowers. and trust us, most of the time its time consuming and very delicate to make handmade flowers from a scratch. thats why sometimes, the cake price maybe seemed  pricey to some.  nevertheless, we offer the best with a competitive price list. we use finest ingredient , and our cakes are baked fresh to order.

so here is our latest creation - the ribbon rose cake. the basic colour is white, with pearl lustre dusted to the surface. the ribbon rose used this time is pink and purple. dont you think thay are gorgeous? well, gorgeous enough for an english theme wedding.  dont worry, the cake is yummilicious vanilla buttercake. it taste good as it looks.

come,come get me now for ur beautiful wedding!

who are we?

since we have started the blog page, we haven't properly introduced ourselves, have we?
so we are closing the gaps. let us to get to know you while  you get to know us.
we are ordinary people living ordinary life. we are real. :)

the business was pioneered  by our mother, who possess the skill - she is our mahaguru. hehe
my mum is norhayati che man, 50 something lady (i doubt she wont like her real age revealed, girls usually dont, do them?) she is lovingly known as 'che nor' to her siblings and relatives. and you may choose to call her so to, coz that pleases her. she is a retired staff nurse from kuala terengganu whom loves baking, cooking and decorating things. we always (personally) feel that she has a good sense of taste, almost all of her life. she has a magical finger too, coz whatever given her touch  will look nice and pretty. besides baking, she could make hantarans or wedding dais too. but so far, she just given her specialty to her daughter and her nieces and nephews. she is not into commercializing bridal stuffs except for wedding cake/cookies/chocolates/
her motto is 'less is more'. thats why most of the cakes will look simple but nice and accomplished, rarely elaborated. but whatever it is, if you want elaborated, we will try our best to make the nicest we could. she's good in colours and do trust us, she has a good sense of taste. :)

next is our eldest sister - farah faizura. she is a doctor, and yes she still does until today. she's currently working in kuala terengganu. mostly she is a part timer decorater and still learning . she loves pink and vibrant colours. and she loves girly designs. and oh yes, she loves makeup too, but she seldom  wear make ups. she's just into the art. her newfound love is obviously cake decorating!

next is nurul alia- she is an estate agent in the making, still tediously studying her  trade in uitm. she loves baking and cooking, and she's great in the kitchen. and oh she blogs too, and is quite disciplined in updating her blogs. which the rest of us, dont! she is very hardworking and loves to try out new designs and recipes. she loves traditional cooking too, and we do admire her very much becoz of her abilities cooking stuff we couldnt! (except our mum, of course. hehe)

next is sarah syahira- she is a lawyer in the making, currently doing her LLB. she is very passionate in baking and decorating now. she might choose not to be a lawyer after all. but thats too soon, we shall see. she's creative and innovative. we are amazed at how her creative juice flows. her designs are lively and fresh. as she is young. she's a writer too! she wrote short stories and poems since in school, some of them do get published in DBP. maybe one day, she will publish a cookbook with my mom, who knows?

so thats the brief story of us. we are mother and daughters team who bakes and decorates. we are still learning everyday. we try to come out with new ideas everyday, as the sky is our boundary. we work from home still coz we found that working from home is very comfortable. but we are planning a small shop too, insya allah in the near future. its just a small cosy shop to showcase our humble creations. we do have a few projects coming up soon, so do stay tuned for updates ya peeps!

so people, if u have any enquiry do not hesitate to contact us. we would love to hear from u soon!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

birthday cupcakes again!

Cute birthday cupcakes with many cheery jovial designs to brighten up your loved ones' happy day.

happy birthday!

birthday cupcakes with boys theme, basic colour is chelsea blue..hehe..the cake is red velvet cupcake.

our cousin's wedding cake!

another 2 tier wedding cake, done for our dear cousin's wedding. this time around, the theme is green, thus the colour. we still keep it simple with roses and just adorn it with small silver beads. the upper tier is covered with pale green fondant whereas the lower is kept pristine white. we love the overall effect. the cake was lovely on the big day of our cousin. it stands out with the rest of the deco.
if you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to call us, ya!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

gold chocolate box!

this is a chocolate box done for our dear cousin's wedding yesterday, the chocolate boxes were filled with 40 pieces of pralines. the theme was traditional gold colour, alhamdulillah, the box goes out well
with the rest of the hantaran. we hope that he will have a happy blessed married life. :)
this is a set of cupcakes done for an engagement recently. the theme was white and pink. and the cake was yummy vanilla buttercake with fondant deco. we named this collection as sakura. :) All our cupcakes for wedding or engagement will come in a white box like below with a simple deco FOC !
if u are interested, u may contact us.

carrot cake for nurses day!

this is a 4kg++ cake for nurses day, which was for the celebration of nurses day anaesthesiology department Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah Kuala Terengganu. The deco was a very simple one, the cake was moist carrot cake with pecan. we hope  that the nurses do enjoy our cake, and happy nurses day to all nurses in the world. the job is a noble profession and may allah bestow them with goodness for what they are giving. :)


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